picked processing prototypes

Here's a bunch of small little applets that I've written using Processing.

This is the first applet I wrote. Basically it's an applet that I've been wanting to write for a while. It's not a complete game, but the point is there. The idea is remove the circles by clicking on them. When one is removed, more circles take its place.

This applet explores how the mass of an object can be conveyed through its movement. The larger the area of a quadrangle is, the slower it moves towards the cursor. Place a square by clicking. Placed squares will slowly fade away.

I wrote this little guy as a stepping stone towards a larger project. I expanded upon my Katima applet by adding animations and fading effects.

This applet is built off the "Blobs" applet, but with more depth. Basically this applet represents a tree, and each circle you click on will take you to another node in the tree. Your goal is to follow the nodes to the goal, which is one of the leaf nodes. The tree will complexify with each win.

Quick little project experimenting with transparencies and shapes. Hold the cursor over shapes to increase their opacity. Click to reset the canvas with new shapes.

Most recently a small (literally) applet written for the OpenProcessing.org tiny sketch competition. Entries had to be under 200 characters including spaces. Mine clocked in at 197ish.