Create Your Company

Choose a name, a logo, and a color that best defines the lumber company you want to run.

Explore Your Land

Decide how large you want your operation to be. Additional land parcels are revealed as you send workers to scout the edges of the terrain.

Build your Camp

Strategically place and upgrade six different buildings in order to maximize your profits. Build cabins for lumberjacks, sawmills for millworkers, sales offices for sales people, and train depots for train engineers!

Fell the Trees

Each level is procedurally generated using different parameters. Some levels might be flat and lush, while others might be hilly and filled with boulders. Discover the best parcels to harvest.

Sell your Lumber

Turn logs into lumber and lumber into GOLD! Discover new markets that dynamically change price based on demand. Decide which market will net you the best profit!

Buy out your Rivals

Your company is not alone, and you will have to compete for the best parcels. Buy out rival companies if you think they will make a welcome addition to your growing empire!

Who Made This?

Stumptown was developed by Michael Chrien. Michael worked as a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts for over seven years on a variety of projects including SimCity (2013), the Sims 3, and SimAnimals. Stumptown is his first foray into making an independent mobile game.

Stumptown would not be possible without assets from:,,, Kevin MacLeod,, BenoƮt Macaigne

Contact the Developer

Click here to send an email to Michael about Stumptown.


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